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Thirsty for Fun? Perfect for Gaming Energy Potions


Are you planning on putting in long hours this weekend playing Titanfall or Dark Souls II? Well we have the perfect energy drink to keep you awake and in the gaming mood. Try our Health and Mana Energy Potions with a boost of 75mg of caffeine and delicious flavors of apple-cinnamon or berry to keep you focused and satisfied while you endure hours of gaming fun. Not only do the Health Energy Potions and Mana Energy Potions supply gamers with vitality, they are also fortified with vitamins and natural herbs.

The signature potion shaped bottle, alone, will ready you for the virtual world you are about to enter, not to mention the caffeinated drink within. Some athletes warm up before a big game by reciting a mantra, loading up on carbs or kissing a lucky charm…let Health and Mana be your pre-game warm up. The mind psych is, of course, half the battle of every winning performance. So whether you decide to sip or chug your potion, you will be ready for leaderboard advancement.

If you are throwing a party with a team of all-night gaming friends purchase the Gamers Gift Pack from www.harcoslabs.com with (6) Health Energy Potions, (6) Mana Energy Potions, a mouse pad and a poster to share the energetic vibe with your gaming buddies. All you need are a few pizzas to accompany the drink potions and you have all the nourishment necessary for a night of gaming entertainment. Or purchase the pack for yourself and plan a week-long gaming binge after work hours once you receive the upcoming release of Elder Scrolls Online set to come out on April 4, 2014. You can put in longer, more methodical hours without feeling tired or having your energy sources depleted.



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