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Planning a Zombie Themed Party…


10 Must Have Items


1. Finger Foods- Literally, foods in the shape of fingers! You could carve a mozzarella cheese stick or hot dog with the impression of a finger nail with joint lines…adorable!

2. Party Favors- You must send your guests away with a fun favor to top off the night. The Zombie Blood Bag green colored goo looks intense and has a sweet lime flavor.

3. Gore Punch- Freeze cranberry juice in ice trays and add them to a bowl of green carbonated soda. You will have a delicious refreshment with gruesome-looking floating chunks. For a delicious and amazing showstopper: add a vile of Foaming Zombie Candy to your carbonated punch for a foam-tastic show.

4. Zombie Pops- Simply decorate jumbo marshmallows with frosting to resemble zombie features and place on a cake pop stick.

5. Brain Cupcakes- Bake your favorite flavored cupcakes and tint white frosting peach, create a brainy pattern on the top and voila, even the least likely cake decorators can recreate this look.

6.Canned Pudding- If you love The Walking Dead then you likely remember the episode where “Carl” consumes a huge can of chocolate pudding. Buy a can at your local bulk grocery store and put it on display.

7. Zombie Movie Marathon- Every zombie gala needs to have a zombie movie marathon playing in the background. Whether you pick a cult classic or the newest zombie blockbuster you will set the proper ambiance for your party.

8. Candles- Light plenty of candles to set the mood of a zombie apocalyptic world.

9. Candy Bar- Set up a candy station for your guests to enjoy consisting of green and red colored treats.

10. Zombie Dance Off- Regardless of whether you are hosting a dance bash or not you must play Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during your party to inspire a random breakout of zombie-like energy.



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