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In a Zombie State of Mind?


Rejoin the living with these fun tips

Routine plays such a vital part in a human’s life and it can be easy to feel stuck in a rut. The importance of scheduling our days is engrained in our minds from the time we are born. We are programmed to eat and sleep at certain times; eventually that routine grows to what time we will go and come home from school and work. Sometimes it seems that the hours of our day are accounted for, all we have to do is go through the motions…much like a zombie. Hopefully we aren’t infecting the people with whom we come into contact with contagious bites that turn them into the undead, but much as a zombie is destined to roam the land in search of its next victim for all eternity…or until their head is brutally smashed in, humans can feel haunted by the monotony of their daily routine.

So, switch it up! Don’t quit going to school or decide to abandon your job, you will still need that paycheck, but shake things up by adding some fun back into your life. A few unexpected outings throughout your week can surprisingly add adventure and meaning back into the routine we so often follow.

5 Great Ways to Get the “Zombie” Out of Your Life:

1.) Go for a run- Put on those running shoes (or walking shoes) and blow off some steam by taking a quick jog. A small break in your daily routine, while burning calories, can send your endorphins sky high.

2.) Caffeine- Slap your “zombie” in the face with a quick dose of caffeine. Drink some Zombie Blood Energy Potion or eat a few watermelon Brain Bits from Harcos Labs for an ironic energy boost in your day.

3.) Candy Break- As adults candy isn’t such a big part of our day, but don’t you feel like a kid again when you bite into your favorite childhood sweet? So after a long school or workday treat yourself by indulging in an old-time favorite. Remember those bubble gum cigars that were so fun to enjoy as a kid? Our Smok’n Zombies version of bubble gum cigars provides tasty comic relief at the end of a busy week.

4.) Sleep- This is so obvious that we don’t pay enough attention to it. Train yourself to gain better sleeping patterns by making it a new part of your healthy routine.

5.) Spontaneity – Nothing makes us feel less like a zombie than doing something unexpected. Plan a trip, finish a book, or help a stranger to add some meaning back into your life.



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