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Dear Dr. Harcos


Dear Dr. Harcos,
I have been moving from place to place seeking shelter and food. Living on expired canned goods is getting old and most of them are lacking in protein. I am trying to hunt for animal meat but I am not a very good shot for targets that are running away, most zombies are walking straight towards me and are easier to aim for. Are there any sources of protein that you can recommend that will keep my strength up?

Dear Jane,
I understand your situation. This zombie apocalypse has left many people hungry, tired and constantly on the move. These combinations can lead to what we refer to as fatigue. You are correct in that protein would be your biggest asset right now to boost your strength. Since you are not the best hunter for game, you may consider eating Zombie Jerky from Harcos Labs. I have created it to be a sustainable food for humans from the remains of the zombie carcass. In this form it is non-toxic and remarkably delicious. I do hope this helps.
Dr. Harcos

Dear Dr. Harcos,
I can’t seem to concentrate on anything these days…I fear I have a one track mind. The only thing I want to do is hunt for humans. Sometimes I dream of them, I ignore every hygienic task that I once knew (brushing teeth, washing hair, even my manners are a hindrance.) I can no longer be slowed down with the annoyance of kind gestures. I crave humans constantly. Doc, tell me how can I these take authority over these cravings? I need to take better care of myself.

Well, Stan,
I want to say thank you for addressing this seemingly common symptom of becoming a zombie. The craving for living flesh and blood can take over every waking moment (so I hear.) First you need to log on to harcoslabs.com to order a Blood Energy Potion…in fact order a whole case. You need to have a surplus handy so that these cravings will not overtake your life. If you will be on the move perhaps a vile of Dried Blood Drops will be more convenient. Second…take a bath; it will do you a world of good!
Dr. Harcos



Mountain View