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​ The Exorcist Movie Review

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With all the demon possession movies out there, and with the current trend of horror being less and less frightening, I went into this movie with a certain mindset. I wasn't expecting to have the reaction I had after the credits rolled. One of genuine fear and a disturbed mind.

This piece of work is certainly a forefather of modern horror, and every copy cat film so far has not been able to capture what this film seems to have. Nothing like this had ever really been done before, and in doing so it seems as if they caught a bit of the devil himself on film. The thought is scary indeed, as there is nothing more frightening than the source of all things evil.
No matter how desensitized you may be to the horror genre, I promise you won't leave this film without feeling disturbed. It's an un-natural film. One that some say should never have been made.



Mountain View