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​ Movie Review- Army of Darkness

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If ever we were to crown a king of B-movie horror, Bruce Campbell would most certainly be my first choice. The man is single-handedly (no Ash pun intended) responsible for the most famous cheesy one-liners in all of horror next to Robert Englund. Most of this suave slickter's repertoire stems from the final film in the original EVIL DEAD trilogy, Army of Darkness.

Besides including the B-movie antics of the King, the film is set in medieval England, giving the whole film a cheese-ball Monty Python kind of vibe. Combine this with the utterly ridiculous over the top terror from the previous two films, and you're in for a cult classic the likes of which Hollywood won't ever see again. Classic practical effects, chainsaw/boomstick action, sexy medieval wenches, what more can you ask for?

If you're a classic horror buff, you'll get more than a kick out of watching this film. And for an even fuller cinematic experience, be on the look out for the somewhat rare bootleg edition on dvd entitled Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness. Shop smart, Shop S-mart!



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