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​ Ask Nurse Cody Zombie Survival Tips


From my Apocalypse Survival Buddy DJR:

“When is it considered okay to take action on ‘zombies’ if you ‘think’ they’ve been bitten?

Excellent question, DJR! I am glad to see that you are taking this into very serious consideration. I suggest that you inspect any suspected wounds prior to taking severe action against those you may care about. Always look for telltale signs of teeth marks or evidence of flesh tearing. If it appears to be just a cut, puncture wound, or gunshot wound, then you may relax a bit, and just treat them as though they are a regular bleeding friend. However, if you are fairly certain that the wound is a bite from a zombie, then you may wish to act quickly. Of course, if this is a friend or family member, you have hopefully discussed this situation with them in detail prior to it actually happening. Now, many people can live quite some time after being bitten, and can actually have very fulfilling undead lives even after they turn. It is a matter of very divided opinion as to whether it is better just to end it all, or let it play out for a period of time. I suggest that you keep any and all wounds as clean and dry as possible, and continue to treat the loved one as normally as you can manage. If they turn into something a little less than desirable to have around, and will simply not eat the squirrel brains you so dutifully have amassed for them, then things may need to escalate at that point. You always have the option of coming to my Zombie Survival Clinic for further advice and counseling.



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