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Ideas for a Video Game Themed Wedding


Weddings are starting to be more fun these days, especially when they are themed. We’ve been getting some requests from brides who want to use the Mana and Health Potions for their wedding.

Ways to incorporate the Mana and Health into your wedding include:

- Using them as gifts to give your guests

- Having them as the name holder on the table so your guests know where to sit

- Creating a themed cocktail that uses Mana and/or Health potion (see our drink recipes below)

- Having a unity ceremony where each of your drink the potion to signify your love

- Making little mini Mana and Health earrings for your bridesmaids to wear

From Project Pin Ups Etsy Store www.etsy.com

Some other ideas for a gamer inspired wedding are:

- Having the wedding invites start with “It’s Game Time”

- Use gamer avitars to theme your wedding tables

- Zelda themed wedding bands

From Takayas Jewelry http://www.takayascustomjewelry.com/

- Set up a video game activity center for you and your guests to enjoy when they are bored

- Have a gamer themed cake

Cake picture from buzz feed.com

- Themed clothes like a video game tie or cuff links

- Photobooth with gamer themed props

It is ok to think outside of the box with your wedding. The wedding should reflect the personality of the two of you.

The team at CoastalCaliforniaWeddings.com has come up with some wedding drink ideas for Mana and Health Potion.

Photo by www.coastalcaliforniaweddings.com

Since the Mana and Health contains caffeine, please limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine drinks.


The perfect contact to drink to toast a marriage.

Mix ½ bottle of Mana energy potion with 1 shot of lemon flavored vodka and a splash of cream. Line the rim of a glass with sugar and float a slice of lemon in the glass.

Game all Night

Instead of parting all night, you really want your guests to game all night!

Choose either Mana or Health Potion, pour half a bottle into a tall boy glass filled with ice. Take 1 shot of whiskey and 1 shot of almond flavored liquor and add to the glass. Top off the glass with seltzer water.

LAN (Love Area Network or Local Area Nuptials)

Doesn’t this explain your whole reception?

Pour half a bottle of Health energy potion over ice in a cocktail glass, add 1 shot of Fireball to the glass and fill to the rim with lemon lime soda and top with a squeeze of lime juice. 

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